Refit Style®

For over 25 years, we have been dealing with synthetic teak to offer our clients unbeatable beauty and convenience for boats, wet environments and outdoor flooring.

We are the only ones in Italy working with PVC, RESIN and EVA..


Our products

For more than 25 years, professionalism, innovation and research to offer practical and aesthetically unparalleled alternatives to natural wood.

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CoolDeck® – SikaFloor Marine resin

COOLDECK is a sophisticated decking application, born from the perseverance of Mirco Gazzato...
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ELITEEK is produced from the synthetic material provided by PERMATEEK. It is an innovative product...
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EASYTEEK is the newest application of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) for decking in the nautical field…
RS design


RS-Design is the accessory line created by REFIT STYLE® to meet the demands...
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Company Profile

Refit Style®

Tradition and innovation are the compasses that every day show us the course of our navigation to offer elegance, convenience and uniqueness.

The founders

Vision and strategy: this is what characterize the two founders. Mirco, who has always been passionate about sailing and sea, combines his passion with great inventive and constructive skills together with a wise sense of aesthetics. He’s the one who leads Refit Style® in its continuous evolution and innovation.

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Mirco Gazzato

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Erika Tramarin


Here’s what our clients think of us!

Oliviero Petz
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Reliability, professionalism and competence, in a nutshell, they are real people who know how to give you the right advice even independently of their own interests. Great experience in materials, including resins and carbon for all needs. Personally proven in the nautical sector.
Ezio Agazzi
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There is no need to talk about Permateek because the quality of the product is undeniable. Always the same colours even on different batches, staves with always identical measurements, etc.. Instead, it is worth talking about Refit Style in the persons of Erika and Mirco and their staff. Our collaboration has lasted for many years and we have been able to appreciate the absolute professionalism and reliability of the entire team. Precise and punctual in the delivery of the finished product and always error-free. A truly reliable team that facilitates the work of those who, like us, need to be supported by first-class suppliers. Well done!
Domenico Borgia Loffredo
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Professionalism and love for their work are a must for them! High-quality material and excellent results are guaranteed.
Andrea Donadoni
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When I met the Refit team, I immediately understood why the boats that pass under their hands show that 'wow' effect that makes the difference. They put passion, enthusiasm and infinite love into their work, which leads them to have attention to details and a quest for excellence. Satisfied customer.
Giovanni Tarantino
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When I first met Mirco and Erika at the 2016 Paris Boat Show, I did not trust either the material they were telling me about or the technical expertise they might have. Having been Technical Manager at Cantieri del Pardo from 2008 to 2009, I had already had my first contacts with synthetic teak and I was not persuaded by many aspects of its structure and gluing technique, which I had wanted to explore further. Consequently, together with the skills I have acquired on the field over 20 years as a dealer, which have led me to be able to carefully evaluate the people I work with, looking for professionalism and competence in them, I wanted to test their actual potential. After 2 hours of 'questioning' Mirco on technical aspects concerning installation, material composition, maintenance and possible repairs, I decided to trust him. We have been working together since 2016 and Mirco continues to amaze me with his excellent expertise, preparation and ability to solve all kinds of problems. All I can say is that as the first Dufour Sales in the World, and as importer of SunBeam, Fountain Pajot and Dealer Solaris, I chose Mirco and Permateek.
Giovanni Tarantino
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Efficiency, professionalism and availability... knowing how to listen and meet the customer's needs and wishes is not for everyone!!! Super Team!!!
Nicoletta Pizzutt
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Professionalism and attention to details. Definitely a company that focuses not only on quality but also on innovation. The energy you experience when entering their offices is contagious. Well done guys!
Stefania Zanetti
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We have known Mirco and Erika for many years and we know how much passion, professionalism, research and care there is in the way they run their business. My husband and I have seen them grow both professionally and personally and we can only congratulate with them for the sacrifices and commitment they put into their business every day!!! This material is an innovative product, initially little known in Italy, but their determination has made many people appreciate it. In addition, they have managed to build a team of young people who have the same values and pursue the same goals, sharing the same mission which is reflected in all their creations. We can only congratulate them and wish them all the best in achieving your goals.
Massimo Camellin
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The material is incredibly realistic and easy to clean. The company that realized the task is precise and punctual. They offered a sanity check after a year, and this is a sign of reliability. I would definitely use this material on a new boat as well. Mirco and Erika are friendly and professional. Well done.
Francesco Bovenzi
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I've been in shipbuilding for 40 years and in yacht brokerage for 20, and in my experience they are outstanding professionals.


It is a pleasure to keep you updated and informed …


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